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Giving you a smile this AM

Here is the start of a piece that made me LOL. Please go to the link (to give the writer her due traffic) to see the rest. 

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We hope that you’re staying well this summer! Please complete this survey within the next 30 minutes, as we plan to include as many diverse opinions as possible before formulating our reopening strategy, which was due for submission last week.

How would you describe this spring’s remote learning experience for your family?

1. Streamlined and efficient — a welcome break!

2. Reminiscent of scenes from Home Alone << BTW, this is me

3. Reminiscent of scenes from Contagion

4. A hotbed of despair and criminal activity

This fall, you favor:

1. In-person learning, and constant fear

2. Hybrid learning, mixing constant fear with a dollop of logistical chaos

3. Remote learning, marrying logistical chaos with the cold cloak of devastating isolation

4. Moving to Maine and launching your own homeschool


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