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It’s Ok to be a Rockstar

Kim Scott makes an essential distinction in her book Radical Candor between Superstars and Rockstars. Superstars are gunning for the next level. Rockstars are the rocks, the top performers who are happy staying in their current role. As a manager, you need both. 

In your career, you will fluctuate between each. Kim gave an example of being pregnant with Twins in her forties and being offered the CEO role at Twitter. She knew that to ensure the health of her kids in a difficult pregnancy, she couldn’t be a Superstar. She had other priorities. 

So often, I hear moms apologize for being kickass at their current job, yet not wanting to move up. We put so much pressure on ourselves versus seeing our career as a long-game. 

So today, accept which you fall into. This might sound cheesy, but say it out loud: “I am a [rockstar/superstar].” Then sit with that feeling. You rock either way.


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