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Look to Your Stars

Brene Brown is one of my key mentors. So is Tim Ferris and Gretchen Rubin. I mean, they don't know this. In fact, I've never actually spoken with any of them.

Brene—yes, in my imaginary mentor world, we are on a first name basis. Brene introduced me to this idea in one of her talks, by describing her relationship with her imaginary mentor, Maya Angelo (who she later got to meet). I love it.

In critical times in my life, I'll ask myself, 'What would Brene do?' I'll research decisions she's made in the past, and turn to her books for wisdom. Would she take the risk? Yes. Be vulnerable? Yes. Would it be easy for her? No.

So today, think outside your traditional 'mentor' box. If our kids can have imaginary friends, you can have imaginary mentors.

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