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We just have to laugh

Ok. So we’ve survived the first week or two of remote schooling. Congrats!

The only we are going to make it through is with a sense of humor. I’d love to compile your funniest stories to bring a little joy into this chaos of the past weeks. Here are a few of mine:

Rowan’s PE teacher asked his kindergarten class to “Type what you did over the summer in the chat.”

An older one (but gets me LOL every time I remember this): Chloe’s first-grade teacher, who is the most patient and kind person, had an issue with Zoom where he thought he was disconnected and screaming at the computer, “I hate you! Why don’t you ever work!” at the top of his lungs while we all looked on laughing (and totally relating).

Chloe dropped her baby dolls off at “daycare’ each morning before school to “go to work.”

Please bring me a smile this week and share yours!


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