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What Level Is This?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I got a great tip on grit from Aditi Shekar, founder of Zeta, software that helps couples manage their money together. (Check it out.) When hit with adversity, she asks herself, "What level is this?" 

  • Minor: Small disappointments that ultimately won't make or break you—You didn't get that sales deal or accepted to an incubator. Take a deep breath and move on. Remember if you aren't getting rejected, you aren't putting yourself out there enough. 

  • Code Red: Your company is at risk of failing—A competitor gets $20M in funding. These times are when you should stress, but, honestly, are incredibly rare. 

  • Mid-level: Instances that slow you down and impact you in the short-term—a key employee leaves. The key is to put these in perspective. They are not Code Red. You can solve these. Give yourself a chance to recharge, then come back. 

As a working mom, you can easily apply this framework to your life. Very few items are Code Red that will affect your family unit for the long-term. Kids are incredibly resilient. They can survive your work trips or you bringing store-bought cookies to the bake sale.

Perspective is freeing.  You can do this. 


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