Learn how to fall (and fail)

Josh Waitzkin is fascinating. He’s been at the top of two very different sports: chess (Searching for Bobby Fischer was based on him) and Aikido (He won the world title as an adult). His tip to learn something new? Learn how to fall well. Practice again and again, what you do when you are losing control. Then you can fall gracefully, won’t fear falling and will take more risks. Bring this to any personal goal you have. How can you practice handling things when life is crazy?

Put Your Kids to Work

Add a new crew to your delegation list -- your kids. My youngest, Rowan (2.5 years old) assembles his lunches, gets himself dressed, folds washcloths, clears dishes after meals, puts his clothes in the hamper, and vacuums with a Dustbuster. The crazy thing? He likes doing it. Helping out around the house also teaches him independence, hard work, and responsibility. Here are some tips for mobilizing your mini-workforce: Start small. Pick one task at a time. Show them how to do

Permission to Suck

I'll let you in on some little secrets: I don't read the news. My kids' socks don't match. I have been lying to my kids' classmates' to get out of toddler birthday parties. And, hell, I don't even properly proofread this email series. All of these are on my 'bomb list' -- things that I have intentionally chosen to suck at to allow myself to accomplish my bigger goals. Jon Acuff introduces the 'bomb list' in his book, Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done, where he lays out s