One Line a Day

At Uplift, we think a lot about how to show progress. I'm always asking—what's our before and after picture (like you'd have in a weight loss program)? My favorite tool so far is a simple analog book—the one line a day journal.  There are 365 pages (one for each day of the year) and five lines on each.  Each day, you write one sentence. The magic comes on year two when you can see where you were a year ago. By year five, you can reflect on half a decade. So often we are alway

How to Actually Get that Baby Book Done

With each kid, my energy spent preserving memories declines. I mean, Chloe's baby book is at least half filled out. Rowans, not so much. Enter in Qeepsake—the busy mom's crutch for being thoughtful. Every day it texts me a simple question about my kids that are geared to their age. To add it to my 'baby book,' I just text back, adding a photo if I want. How does Chloe show you love? What is Rowan especially good at? How would you describe Chloe's personal style? Taking

Just Read it to Me

I don't have time to read during my workday, which has left me with dozens of articles in my inbox that I promise myself that I will get to eventually. I'm embarrassed to say that the pile-up of these weighs on me. Enter Pocket. Now not only can I save articles across any device, but I can also turn any of them into audio content for my commutes, workouts and cleaning sessions. Finally, a way to make any article fit into my life. #productivity #productrecommendations

Write It Down

A key to success as a working mom is picking a good note taking system. As David Allen says, 'Your brain is for having ideas, not holding ideas.' The more ideas you are holding, the less capacity you have for what really counts—deep thinking at your job or being present outside it. Here are some of our favorite hacks to take your note-taking next level: Digitize your pen and paper notes by just snapping a pic and uploading to Evernote. That way you can search your handwri

My 6 Favorite Time Saving Software

As a mom of two and a founder of a busy start-up, I throw money at software that saves me time. Here are some of my faves: Docsend ($10/month): Simplifies document sharing. I can see who has visited and for how long. I can also update the document behind the link as I make changes in real-time. (Biggest insight, people spend very little time reading documents! Xtensio ($15/month): Beautiful predesigned document templates that prevent me from hiring a designer to layout

The No Excuse Massage

So often I hear moms saying that they don't have time for self-care. On average, a working mom has 17 minutes to herself each day, so how do you make it work? Well, now you can get a masseuse to come to your house post-kid-bedtime with services like Zeel, They bring the table and all the supplies. You don't have to get fully dressed afterward. Win. Win. So, if your honey is still looking for a last-minute gift for you, just forward this email. Hint, hint. Because, as alw

My Favorite Gift Guide

For all of your last minute folks, the blog, Cup of Jo, has an incredible gift guide for kids (and everyone else in your life). Here are some of my favorite items from their kids' list from this year and last. Seriously check it out! PJs with matching bedtime book: My family knows this book by heart. Tempura paint sticks: My kids adore these, and they dry in 90 seconds. A plant: Teach your kids responsibility while bringing a bit of life into their lives. A toy wallet: My

Make Your Bed Toasty

Every night before bed I write down three things I'm grateful for. Now that it's gotten cold, more often then not, this includes my Bedjet. This device blows hot or cold air into an empty duvet sheet creating an air comforter which controls the heat of your bed. It's nice in the summer to deal with hot nights, but its true magic is in winter. When I get into bed, I turn on the Turbo function and have a toasty bed in under 2-minutes. Then as I go to sleep, it cools off to

How to Stop Nagging

Any tools to make my kids do things on the first ask are gold. I hate being a nag. Here are two of my favorite products to do this: SoaPen are brightly colored 'soap pens,' which kids can use to draw on their hands to make hand-washing fun. No longer are they doing a 5-second rinse. They actually spend a minute washing and even go do it without prompting. Win. For teeth we bought electric toothbrushes. The kids sit there brushing their teeth for minutes every morning now. Now

Just Show Me

Today's tip is simple. Use screen grabs. I work with Virtual Assistants to help me accomplish a ton in my life and business. Instead of writing out long descriptions of what I need to be done, I just use a screen recording software to show them. Less than a minute of documentation prevents future software fumbling and ensures we are on the same page. I use Screencastify. Here is a little screen grab for what I'd love for you to do today. Hint, hint...please share your favorit

Save Those Fingers

Do you find yourself typing the same things over again each day? For me, the list is endless: A description of Uplift The link to book time with me Directions for getting into my office Enter time-saving hotkey services. You can insert these text blocks into your work with a few clicks. Some of these even do automatic math for you and automatically close parenthesis (which is surprisingly zen-inducing). Try 'em: ProKeys (Chrome) Phrase Express (Mac / Windows / Android / iOS)