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My 6 Favorite Time Saving Software

As a mom of two and a founder of a busy start-up, I throw money at software that saves me time. Here are some of my faves:

  • Docsend ($10/month): Simplifies document sharing. I can see who has visited and for how long. I can also update the document behind the link as I make changes in real-time. (Biggest insight, people spend very little time reading documents!

  • Xtensio ($15/month): Beautiful predesigned document templates that prevent me from hiring a designer to layout one-sheeters or personas.

  • Boomerang ($4.99/month): Set any email to bounce back to your inbox in a specified time frame, making follow-up easy.

  • Mailshake ($29/month): A mailmerge that works with Gmail and allows you to personalize mass emails seamlessly.

  • Grammarly ($11.66/month): Think of it as spell-check for grammar, giving you advice on sentence structure, punctuation and word choice.

  • Google Photos (FREE): Creates beautiful albums and videos of my favorite moments with no work.

What software do you use to make yourself more productive?

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