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A New V-Day Date Idea

I kind of hate Valentine’s day. It always felt like a hyped-up marketing ploy to get me to buy an overpriced dinner. That’s why I love Uplift client, Morgan Courtney’s reframing it as an annual check-in on her relationship:

My husband and I started our very nerdy (and sort of romantic) tradition of life planning after realizing that common pitfalls lead to divorce—money, intimacy, resentment from missed opportunities that resulted from a lack of communication.

So we set aside 1.5 days, sometimes even doing a little getaway, to create space for us to be really honest with each other. We do the same exercises every year and take photos of the outputs. The following year, before we start the session, we review the last year's session and celebrate the wins and acknowledge where we didn't and why.

Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth," but the fact is that it's actually the act of planning, rather than the plan itself, that is the most important. And when it doesn't work out, you acknowledge it, reset goals, and keep moving forward together as a team.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll review some of her (and our) suggested reflection exercises for you to pick and choose from to craft your perfect check-in.

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