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Be OK with failure

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I used to be wholly driven by big hairy goals -- land that promotion or do that pull-up. This focus ultimately made me unhappy. If I succeeded, it was short lived. I immediately set the next goal. If I failed, I felt all my efforts were wasted. 

That's why I've shifted my focus to enjoying the process. At work, it isn't about reaching the next level but learning. In fitness, I let go of PRs and enjoyed the workouts themselves. I still have goals (and probably reach them faster), but that is not the focus. 

Enjoying the process is easier said than done. I still struggle on this in many areas of my life. A quick hack I use is to ask: "How would I structure this so that even if I fail, I win?"

For example, with Uplift, outside of having the business succeed, I want to get connected to other incredible working moms, become a better mom myself, and continuously learn.

Asking myself this question spurred my research interviewing working moms at the top of their fields. Even if Uplift fails, these conversations check all those boxes and are life-changing. 

Life is the process. So, let's make sure we are enjoying the ride. 


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