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But, How Do I Actually Get It On

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

It's so ironic that kids can be so great at crippling the very act that got them here. Here's to hoping that today isn't the only day this month that you'll get lucky. 

Finding the moment. Don't say you don't have time -- you only need 15 minutes!  Pro tip: Lock the door, so you don't get walked in on. 

  • Screen time: Plop them in front of their favorite TV show. Trust me, a little screen time is worth it. 

  • Post-bedtime: Before you get busy on your laptop, get busy with your partner. 

  • Nap time: Have a mid-day pick-me-up.

Getting into the moment. How to get in the mood when you are just plain exhausted:

  • Text foreplay. Send flirty texts to your partner to build up the anticipation all day. 

  • Buy some lingerie. You will immediately feel sexier. It's also an excuse to use those stilettos that you never wear anymore.  

  • Think outside the box. If you've just had a newborn, the last thing you want is traditional sex. Get creative! 

  • Book a hotel for date night. Trust me, it will be better than dinner or a movie. 

Ok guys, now go makes some babies. Or, just go have some fun. 


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