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Create Family Traditions

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Maybe it’s because I just saw the new Olaf short film (which I embarrassingly cried during), but I’ve been thinking about what traditions I want to bring to my family. My sister inspired me when she started her family birthday tradition: the birthday boy or girl has to eat their slice of cake with no hands. This face plant into sweets leads to tons of messy laughs. 

Traditions are so important to families.

Research shows that simple rituals increase feelings of togetherness and belongingness by 20%. In my own life, our family traditions are my strongest childhood memories. Traditions create a family identity, give you something to look forward to, and bring joy and comfort.

Here is a start of the ones I want to bring into my family: 

  • Halloween: A collection of framed photos of the kids in costume each year

  • Valentine’s Day: Ordering heart shaped pizza

  • Christmas: Finding a favorite holiday movie to watch as a family, advent calendars, and making a Christmas morning chocolate Nutella tree 

What are the ones you are bringing to yours? Please Inspire me! 

A family tradition gives a child a unique sense definition of oneself and what a family is.


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