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Host an Instant Party

I love hosting low-key parties on Friday nights. Who has the energy to go out? And, feeling social on Friday stretches out the whole weekend.

The trick? Make. It. Easy. Here’s how I can throw a party together in under 20-minutes:

  • I don’t clean my house. On purpose. Trust me, everyone who is coming has a messy house, too.

  • I have a Costco-sized stock of paper plates, plastic cups, and silverware. Clean up is easy.

  • I just order pizza and have everyone bring something to drink. We let the kids make a mess and have a group clean-up before everyone leaves.

It’s awesome. Too often we stress over making things ‘perfect’ when in reality, people just want to be around great people.

Lowering the bar means I actually throw these. Try it. #momhacks #relationships


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