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How to Cook with Kids Underfoot

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Dinner time is this perfect storm in our family. My kids are hangry and miss me. Yet, I just need 15 minutes to get food on the table. That's why I was thrilled when I came across advice from Jessica Braider, the CEO of the meal planning service, Six O'Clock Scramble. She gets it.

  • Wear babies or put them in a swing where they can see you. It's also a great time to teach about textures.

  • Use your kitchen as a playground: Open up a cabinet of pots and pans to bang on or play with water with.

  • Enlist help: Have them tear up lettuce, use the salad spinner or stir.

  • Have a dance party: A personal favorite in my household. Crank up the tunes to entertain while you cook.

Send me your best tips for getting through the dinner witching hour! Wondering how I get food on the table in 15-minutes? Check out these past posts:Meal Prep Power HourHacking Dinner

Convert a stressful moment into something fun.


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