Before You Post that Travel Snap

My favorite time to post on social is when I am traveling, but it’s probably the worst. If you post publicly, you are telling potential thieves that you are away.  In the UK, posting photos of your vacation can invalidate your home owner’s insurance just as if you left a window open. There are a few simple precautions you can make: Post when you get home versus while you are gone Share only privately with your friends vs. on public sites Turn off geo-tagging on your photos Do

How to Survive a Road Trip with Young Kids

Many of us will be gearing up for long drives this week, so I wanted to share some top tips for surviving long car rides with young kids. Leave really early (or late) to avoid some of the traffic. Use audiobooks to keep the whole family entertained. I genuinely loved Matilda recently. Don’t be afraid of boredom. It encourages kids (and you) to use their imagination. Reframe it. This is quality time with your kids. Tell stories, play ‘I spy’ or ask them questions you’ve al

Foster Independent Play

As working moms, it’s easy to feel guilty when you aren’t spending the little time you have with your kids active with them. But, the reality is you need time for yourself and the realities of household chores. The good news is that encouraging independent play is beneficial for your kids since it: Teaches them to find joy in themselves since a playmate won’t always be guaranteed Fosters creativity, as they need to think of new ways to entertain themselves Teaches independ

More Ideas for Connecting While Traveling

Thank you for sharing ideas on how you stay connected with your kids while traveling. Wanted to share some of my favorites: I draw a calendar, so my son knows what I'm doing each day we’re apart and draw an airplane when I’m flying back home. Inés de Uriarte I used to write notes for my son to open each day I was gone. As he got a little older, he wrote notes for me too 😭. Shanna Hocking There was a commercial on the television about a little girl who put her special littl

For My Foodie Mamas

Joe and I love going out to great meals, but taking kids is stressful, and babysitters add up. Enter Nibble + Squeak—dining experiences for families. You get a multi-course meal from one of the top chefs in your city in a setting where it’s totally OK for your kids to run around or have a meltdown. The kids have a blast with their own kids' meals, complete with sippy cups and kids flatware, plus added bonuses like sing-a-longs or mini photoshoots. Everyone is happy. Don

Create a Physical Token

Over the summer, Chloe presented me with a present⁠—a small box with a drawing of her inside. “To remember me while you are gone on your work trip.”  She asks me each trip if I’ve packed it. This token connects us even when apart. Here are a few other tactics for staying connected while you are traveling, or even just at work: Create a scrapbook of photos of you together for them to look through. Give them a small token to remember you by, such as a small piece of fabric they

Start a New Type of Checklist

Parenting expert, Harvey Karp had a great suggestion for creating a culture of gratitude for your family⁠—gratitude checkmarks. Whenever your kid experiences something good during the day, make a little check on their hand. At night before you go to bed, have them try to remember all the checks. You start looking for (and remembering) the positive. Frankly, I want to practice this in my own life. Giving myself a little check for having you guys as part of my tribe. ✔️ #par

Create a Go Bag

I decided that I want to go camping with the kids most weekends. Being outside destresses me, and I’ve been making life-changing memories with the kids. The trick to doing this without stress was to make it incredibly easy. I store the camping gear in my trunk between sessions. That way, all I need to do is back a few clothes and some food for each adventure. I joke that it’s my version of a ‘go bag.’ What activity do you love doing (with your kids or not)? Can you make

Go Ahead and Complain

I have started a small habit that has brought me great joy⁠—complaining. Not talking Joe’s ear off until he tunes me out, but complaining to people who can do something. Here are a few examples: Emailing United when the wifi didn’t work on my flight before I paid for it. I got 2500 free miles. Chatting with Fresh Direct to say that their competitor is offering me free shipping, but not them. I got 6-months free delivery. Emailing the founder of a B2B company when I had

Cut Your Work Trips in Half

This week I went to Boston for a day. Instead of trying to line up other meetings for the trip, I surgically flew in for a single one. I was on an 8 am flight and back at my house by 5 pm. Looking back at the week, it hardly felt like I traveled at all. What would happen if you cut each of your upcoming work trips in half? Could you get 80% of the value in 50% of the time? What are the opportunity costs at home for being gone? If that seems hard, try it with one. You’l

Have a Deload Week

I powerlift, and a key best practice is to have a ‘deload week’ every 6 weeks or so. On that week, you cut your weight and reps by 40% or so to give your body time to recover. I always try to add in some yoga and maybe a massage as well. I was starting out a deload week on my training when I realized, why don’t I deload the rest of my life? Why don’t I have a week where I don’t sign back on at night post-kids bedtime and don’t try to pack my schedule (both personal and work)