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Know Your Peak Hours

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

One of my working mom super-moves is finishing all of my real work before the day even begins. I am an early bird and love waking up at 5 AM to enjoy a cup of lemon water in peace and hop on my computer to knock out my most important task before the rest of the house wakes.

85% of you are probably thinking, 'This is my definition of hell,.' We have different peak hours -- the times when we are most productive. I'm a Lion chronotype, which means I should do my most intense tasks early and save mindless activities for 3 PM onward. Here are some tips on how to know and protect yours:

  • Find out your chronotype by taking this 1-minute quiz

  • Block off work-time for your most productive hours. 

  • Schedule less involved work for your slumps, such as emails or meetings. 

  • Check-out sample schedules by chronotype for everything from when to workout to when to give yourself a caffeine boost. 

Working with your body, not against it helps you get more done in less time. That's the secret to work-life balance, right? 


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