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Live Your Mission

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

When listening to Reid Hoffman’s recent interview of Ariana Huffington on his podcast, Masters of Scale, I was impressed. Her company, Thrive, wove its mission to help prevent burnout throughout their company culture.

Employees can take rests in nap pods throughout the day. When they have a grueling period at work, they can take a “Thrive Day” to recharge. Using Machine Learning, they measure whether a call center call was particularly negative and follow it with a call with a deep breathing exercise to recenter.

Finally, every employee has an “entry interview” with their manager where they discuss what matters to them outside of work. The manager and employee then co-create a schedule to make these elements fit.

I now have homework. I just finished working with my team to develop our values. Now I need to weave them into everything we do. #goals


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