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My Magical Morning

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I'm a morning person and how I start the first 30 minutes of my workday drastically affects my productivity. I thought a peek into my get-to-work routine might help inspire yours. 

  • I sit at my desk with my monitor. Dual screen doubles my productivity.

  • Then I take a deep breath and start my Pomodoro timer

  • I check on my weekly goals spreadsheet, marking which I've completed and get a sense of what needs to happen today. I adjust priorities as needed. (At a startup, priorities can change daily.)

  • In my goals spreadsheet, I add to my running list of my Fuck Yeahs, the great things that happened that week. Celebrating the wins starts me in a positive, abundant mindset.

  • Then I open my calendar. First I sit with the day. Does it feel doable? If I am stressed just by looking at it, I try to cancel something.

  • Then I make a plan for each meeting. What is my goal? What's the agenda?

  • Finally, I  pick three priorities for the day and write those on a post-it above my desk. Then I map out on my calendar when I will get those done. If I don't have time, I again do a meeting purge or adjust my priorities. Having realistic expectations reduces stress.

  • I then take another deep breath and start tackling one of those three things. 

Email can wait. A plan for the day will pay dividends.

What are you best morning habits?

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