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Take Advantage of All Your Benefits

I’m always shocked by the fact that only 28% of people max out their vacation days each year. Vacation is your time to recharge and come back even more ready to kick some butt. 

I bet there are other benefits from your work that you aren’t taking full advantage of. Here are a few common ones:

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) often cover financial and relationship counseling

  • Discounts on local activities, museums, restaurants, and products

  • Education stipends to cover classes, conferences, or even coachingWellness programs, such as Headspace or Sleepio

This week, take a few minutes and research what your company offers. You might have a pleasant surprise. 

P.S.: At Uplift, we’re actively looking to find companies that offer wellness or education stipends that might cover our work-life balance coaching. If your company does, can you drop me a quick note?


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