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Take the Pressure Off

Starting a startup and being a mom of two young kids is no joke. Both can be all consuming, causing other parts of my life to suffer.

I still don’t have a group of close friends in D.C. like I had in NYC. I’ve gained 15-pounds in the past 18-months. And, my fun home projects are all half-done. What should be positive influences in my life (community, health, and hobbies) were stressing me out instead of energizing me.

Then it hit me. Right now, I only have time for three priorities in my life, and two of them were taken by my business and family. I had to choose.

I picked health. New friends and hobbies have to wait. My happiness has skyrocketed. I don’t feel guilty for spending an entire weekend with just Joe and the kids and have stopped over packing our lives. We’re having so much fun.

I give this example because life is full of tough choices. I mean, I never thought I would say I was deprioritizing friendships. Even writing that is hard. But, I haven’t been this happy in the past two years.

So today. Take the pressure off. Be honest with yourself on what you can take on. Let go of expectations. Trust me; it’s so freeing.


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