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Use Business Trips to Your Advantage

Society tells us that business travel hurts work-life balance. But does it have to? If you play your cards right, you can stack your business trips with all of your non-family activities, so that when you get back, you are more present and available for your kids. 

  • Do your errands. Sitting in the airport waiting for a flight is a great time to fill out camp forms or make doctor’s appointments.

  • Check off your self-care needs. Get a haircut or the pedicure you desperately need between meetings or before that team dinner.

  • Work long hours. Every extra hour you work on the road is an hour saved for your family.

  • Workout. Use your extra morning time to hit the hotel gym or go for a run.

  • Get in facetime with clients or management by scheduling dinners, drinks, or breakfasts, which might be much harder at home with managing childcare.

So today, don’t fall into the trap of believing the narratives out there. Write your own. 


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