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What are All the Ways You Can Fail?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Bear with me, gals. Usually, I'm a fountain of positivity, but today, let's put on our pessimist thinking caps. 

First, pick a goal that you want to achieve.  Then write down ALL the ways you might fail. Make this a long list. 

Finally, identify all the ways you can bounce back from those failures. Be very specific here. 

For example, are you trying to lose weight? Your plan for the morning after drinking too many cocktails is vital. Coconut water, healthy breakfast with eggs, and a check-in with a supportive friend can turn this into a small blip versus a total derailment.

When you are trying to make a change, failure is inevitable. Long-term success is about progress, not perfection. Repeat that with me, as it's so critical and so hard to accept.  It's about progress, not perfection.

So, let's celebrate (and prepare for) our failures. How we bounce back will make us stronger. 

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Goal setting is like a map; it serves as your guide in achieving success.


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