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What hundreds of working moms are doing

I’ve been running polls on Instagram to get a pulse on what’s going on with working moms. Hundreds of moms have answered, and here’s what I’m learning.

In the past 24-hours . . .

  • 45% of you had no time for yourself

  • 44% of you had not showered

  • 46% had a kid Zoom-bomb a work call

Only 39% of you have a 50/50 split with your partner.

83% of you had companies who were understanding.

Yet, 41% of you weren’t kinder to yourself.

It’s not surprising that . . .

  • 74% of you are anxious.

  • And 76% are burnt out.

I also think the most telling stat was that only 60% of you had watched Tiger King. If that’s not a sign that working moms are overwhelmed, I don’t know what is.

P.S.: Any questions you are dying to know? LMK, and I’ll add to my next batch.


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