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I am on the plane home from my favorite vacation of my life. Joe and I took the kids to Europe for a week, a whirlwind trip to Liverpool, Nice, and Geneva. No sitters. No fancy resorts. No plans. Just the four of us, discovering the world together. 

These moments are what being a parent is all about.  I was able to share one of my favorite activities (discovering new places) with my kids.

I'll confess, we didn't see 'the sights.' I have lists of ignored recommendations. Instead, Chloe and I colored together for hours. Rowan and I went on late night walks, people-watching to attempt to get him to sleep. Also, Joe and I practiced European parenting for a week, full of long, late dinners with the kids. 

In short, we enjoyed a life of leisure instead of being over-programmed. It was perfect. I felt so connected as a family and rejuvenated as a person. Hallelujah. 

This week, I'm going to offer up some tips to create your magical vacation. Stay tuned. 

Family that travels together stays together


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