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What's the Real Story?

So last week, was a tough one. I ended up having to work most of the weekend, traveled for two nights, and then had two work night events. I missed back to school night, the first soccer game, and the school picnic. I usually don't feel guilty, but honestly, I was beating myself up.

On the one night that I did have with my kids, we were discussing why they felt they were special. Both of them in their top two reasons said a version of "because I have the best mom in the world." I choked up. 

The real story was that they felt loved. My kids didn't care about back to school night. (Honestly, they wouldn’t have been there anyhow, and I got the scoop from other moms.) They did care about us going on a camping trip that weekend and creating real memories.

How different is the story in your head from reality? How can you force a reality check in your life?


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