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What would make this your best year yet?

Today, a very powerful question has been swirling in my head—What would make 2020 my best year yet?

2017 was my best year. I created so many memories. Joe and I became tourists in our own city as we prepared to move to DC. I was energized by the impact Uplift could have as I developed early concepts. And, the kids and I did epic adventures such as our NYC donut tour. I was living life.

This year, I’m challenging myself to channel the 2017 Kari. Surround me with the moms we are helping more to feel the impact. Use Joe and my sober curious mindset to shake up date night and become tourists in DC. And, savor the memories and traditions I’m creating with my kids.

Just thinking this makes me feel alive. At Uplift, we want to help you thrive, not just survive.

Ask yourself? What was your best year and why? Use that as a blueprint to craft your 2020. I mean, why can’t 2020 be the year for yourself?


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