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Write it Down

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

This morning, my head was spinning with worries and tasks. Instead of letting this consume my day, I grabbed the back of an envelope from my junk mail and started writing everything in my head down. It took me under two minutes. 

Getting things down digitally also can help, but personally, I find the physical act of writing therapeutic. I immediately felt in control, could quickly scan and prioritize, and now have a script to work from to put me on autopilot. 

It sounds obvious. But, this simple task is the best way for me to deal with the mental load of a working mother. I get it out of my head. 

So, right now, take a few and write it all down. You'll be shocked at how good it feels.

You'll be surprise with how writing it all down can alleviate the stress of everyday grind.


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