A Year From Now

I love Seth Godin’s daily musings in his newsletter. Short, thoughtful questions to get you thinking. Today’s really hit home for me: “Will today’s emergency even be remembered? Will that thing you’re particularly anxious about have been hardly worth the time you put into it? Better question: What could you do today that would matter a year from now?” Think back a year ago? What made an impact? #stressmanagement #mentalload

Work-life Balance Isn’t a Zero-sum Game

When we ask moms if we could wave a magic wand and grant them one wish, 70% say some version of ‘more time.’ Unfortunately, all of us are stuck with 168 hours each week. Luckily, work-life balance isn’t a zero-sum game. Having a ‘break’ from my kids for work makes me a better mom. I am psyched to see them and revel in the few hours I get with them a day. (As compared to the utter tiredness I feel on Sunday evening.) The ‘break’ from work to be with my kids also makes me bette

A 6-Minute Hack to Eliminate Stress

A new study shows that reading fiction was an insanely effective way to reduce stress—better than listening to music, having a cup of tea or going on a walk. In fact, reading reduced stress levels by 68% in as little as 6-minutes. Losing yourself in a book distracts you from your worries, increases empathy, and even prevents Alzheimer’s. Some even say that 20-minutes of reading has the same effect as meditation. So, buy a book. Even better if it’s physical to give you a break

Have a Deload Week

I powerlift, and a key best practice is to have a ‘deload week’ every 6 weeks or so. On that week, you cut your weight and reps by 40% or so to give your body time to recover. I always try to add in some yoga and maybe a massage as well. I was starting out a deload week on my training when I realized, why don’t I deload the rest of my life? Why don’t I have a week where I don’t sign back on at night post-kids bedtime and don’t try to pack my schedule (both personal and work)

The Truth About Perfectionism

Who here has at least a hint of perfectionism? (Raising my hand.) Who here also thinks that their perfectionism makes them better? (Hand is still up.) Rubin said a quote that hit home to me—Perfectionism is about anxiety, not standards. Studies show that the more perfectionist tendencies you have, the more psychological disorders you suffer.  You can have high standards while still giving yourself grace when you don’t meet them all the time. That self-compassion is what help

Double-Check Your Work

Of course, it’s the days that I’m the most stressed and time-crunched when I forget my phone at home or send that email to the utterly wrong group. Ugh. So today’s tip is simple: when things are moving a million miles a minute, slow down. Double-check your work. Do a mental checklist of all the things you need before you leave the house. Reread the important client email Loop in a co-worker to go through your execution plan again Trust me; the extra few minutes are worth it.

What's Your Readiness Score?

I recently bought an Oura ring, which is a pretty fantastic wearable self-quantification tool that is a Fitbit on steroids. What I love most, though, is my Readiness Score⁠—a daily rating on how much I am ready to exert myself that day based on factors like my sleep quality, resting heart rate, and body temperature. Before, I just charged hard most days. Now, I have a reminder in the morning to check-in with myself. Is today a better day to take it easy and recover, or am I r

Go for a Walk

Today I was stressed. I had a looming client deadline that I was behind on because of some staffing issues over the past week. I was churning out work, but honestly hitting the burn-out wall.  And, then I remembered to do something insanely simple. I went on a 10-minute walk. The change in environment jolted some sense in me, and I realized I could delegate the majority of this task, so I could focus on what matters. 10-minutes seriously saved me hours of pushing through. I

Tackle the Rootcause

So often, I default to treating the symptoms of an issue versus the underlying cause. Take my sleep. I’ve been struggling with waking up at 3 AM with a racing mind preventing me from returning to sleep. I’ve been trying everything—meditation, sleep podcasts, journaling, and reading. I still struggled. Then I looked at the situation more fully. I woke up because of needing to pee. The stress was keeping me up, not waking me up. How can I stop myself from waking in the first pl

Outlast Your Impulses

I’m insanely impulsive. I want. Things. Now. A simple trick has slowed me down—setting a 10-minute timer. Every time I feel that impulsive feeling (to eat that extra snack or send that emotional email), I turn on my phone’s timer. At the end of 10-minutes, I am free to do what I want. However, I’ve found that usually what I want has changed. I’m a big believer in controlling what you can control, and sometimes we can’t control our impulses. But, we can control whether we set

Be Scared

I wanted to share with you a practice I try to do daily. I close my eyes and focus on my breath for a few minutes to still my mind. Then I ask myself, “What am I resisting most in my life right now?” Waves of emotions come. I name them and then sit with them. Once they die down, I ask myself the question again to get a new wave. 95% of the time, my waves are some version of fear. It’s intense and uncomfortable. But, in sitting with them, they dissipate. Within 5 to 10 minutes