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Writing the Wrong

Last week, I said to write FBR (fast, bad, and wrong). I've always written these emails pretty quickly, but I would get stuck in doing fact and grammar checks at the end of each, breaking my flow.

This week, I wrote all five of them straight through in 45 minutes. Yes, these drafts were bad and plenty wrong. But, my creative juices just flew saving me time and preserving energy.

I bring this up again for a few reasons. First, I am learning and continually experimenting, too. I also hope my transparency on how I write these messages will inspire you to do something less than perfect instead of not at all.

So today, do a small experiment to counter perfectionism—do something a little shittily. I know that's hard, but I bet that your 70% is most people's 110%.

How to overcome perfectionism as a working mom


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