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Your Co-mingled Life Plan

This week we’re focusing on holding a relationship check-in with your partner inspired by Uplift client, Morgan Courtney, and sharing some of her (and ours) suggested activities. If you don’t have a partner, you could check-in with yourself.

Finally, do a combined life plan. In Morgan’s words…

In 2-3 year increments, plan from this year out through retirement (the intervals get longer later in our timeline). Each person gets one color of sticky note, so that you easily identify whose is whose, and you talk through every note for the following:

  • Finances (ex: how much money do we want saved in 2030?)

  • Milestones (ex: house purchase)

  • Family (ex: how many kids, and when)

  • Career (ex: what we want to be doing at certain points in time, including your most audacious goals)

  • Legacy (ex: philanthropy, how we want to be remembered)

  • Where to live (ex: overseas for a few years)

  • Hobbies (ex: write the next Great American Novel)

By being clear about your career and financial goals, for example, you can plan backward to make them happen. And by being honest about your wildest hopes and dreams, you reduce the chance of regret later on because you've shared them with your partner and s/he can help you to achieve them.

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