Only Two Months Left

We have two months left in this decade. Two months left before the futuristic-sounding 2020. How has your life changed over the past ten years? In 2009, I had just graduated from business school. Since then, I’ve gotten married, lost my dad, had two kids, worked eight years at Google, and founded this company. Damn. So today, just do a quick reflection. Where were you 10 years ago? What have you accomplished since? Celebrate yourself for a minute. #grateful #selflove

Do You Want Their Whole Life?

It's easy to compare yourself to others and let those Gremlins in your head start beating yourself down. She’s more successful. She’s thinner. Her kids somehow behave. Next time you are doing this, though, ask yourself, “Would I trade my whole life for their whole life?” It’s not fair to yourself to compare your whole self to the cherry-picked highlights of others.  Would you trade your strengths? Your past accomplishments? Your family? Your community? When I think that wa

F*ck Yeah

At Google, I ran a daily team meeting tackling the onslaught of issues arising during a critical pre-launch period.  It was depressing. We all ended the meeting looking like we’d been hit by a bus. I knew I needed to change it, so added a standing intro agenda item — “F*ck Yeahs!”  We went around the horn and shared all the great things that had happened in the past 24 hours. Everything from signing a new partner to our favorite cheese being restocked in the micro-kitchens.  

The Power of Thanks

A huge refrain for Uplift is gratitude, which seems particularly fitting for this week. It is so powerful. First off, your perspective drastically affects your reality.  Only 10% of your external situations predicts your happiness. The other 90% is how your brain processes the world. Spend time focusing on what is going right in your life, not what is going wrong. Secondly, gratitude can improve your relationships and support system. Tell your partner how grateful you are for