How to be Healthy While Traveling and Still Have Fun

Travel used to be my health kryptonite. I used it as an excuse to abandon all my good habits. I hated coming back 5 pounds heavier. Over the past year, I've cracked healthy travel. Today's tips are about eating healthy: Stay in an Airbnb, so you can cook your own meals. We try to eat two at home and one out each day. Discover local foods at markets or the grocery store. Buy that fruit you don't recognize or that meat you have no idea how to cook. Make it an adventure with

What's Up Doc?

I'm a big believer in making the behaviors you want to do as easy as possible. This works with your kids, too. My newest hack: leave a Costco-sized bag of baby carrots in between our car seats. Now instead of demanding gummies or rice rollers, my kids help themselves to carrots. They love being independent and are now eating veggies for breakfast. I've been known to sneak a few on my way home from work, too. Everyone wins. What behaviors can you make ridiculously easy? C

How to Actually Do Meal Planning

Today on Instagram stories, we are joined by Toby Lowenfels, a digital marketing consultant. Funny enough, she never made a full meal—with sides and all that—until post-kids. Now she runs DinnerIn20, which gives moms everywhere tips on how to easily get meals on your family's table. There is hope for us all. Below she simplifies meal planning for all of us. I used to dread dinnertime until I made meal planning a top priority. Every Sunday morning, I pour a generous cup of co

What Are Your Rules?

I'll be honest. I've been struggling with my nutrition. I can list off the excuses (back pain, gut issues, stress), but in reality, I have just let things slip. I'm a Questioner, so external accountability doesn't help me. I need to internalize to make certain habits stick. So for all you questioners out there, here's a tip: Write your own rules. Below are mine for nutrition: No eating and drinking alcohol at the same time. Stretch things out by decoupling these. No eating o

Grab a Puzzle Piece Instead of that Cookie

I'm a big fan of breaks during the workday. Breaks are proven to make you more productive and produce higher quality work. But, so often since I work from home, break equals a snack. I'll eat out of boredom or routine. Google DC had a brilliant solution: setting up a puzzle in their kitchen. The puzzle became the proverbial water cooler of the office, giving people something to do besides grab a free bag of Popchips. I've started doing the same, setting up a puzzle to work on

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

One of the things I'm most proud of as a parent is the fact that my kids eat and enjoy vegetables. Rowan (my two-year-old) went through a phase where cauliflower was his favorite food. Here is what works for my family. Involve them in the process Have them pick out veggies in the grocery store. They love autonomy and control. Start a veggie garden at home. My kids snack off our cherry tomato bushes. If you don't have a yard, visit a local farm. Make them your sous chefs. My k

Mom Hack: Create a Snack Box

The most stressful time in my house is the 20 minutes before dinner. My kids after a full day of pre-school are hungry and just want some mom-cuddles. Yet, I feel stressed to get food on the table to prevent future hungry melt-downs. Enter my favorite meal hack: this $10 ice cube tray, dubbed the 'snack box.' I fill it with whatever healthy food I have around. The kids can choose what they want to eat and are far more likely to eat veggies out of it than with dinner. (They on