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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

One of the things I'm most proud of as a parent is the fact that my kids eat and enjoy vegetables. Rowan (my two-year-old) went through a phase where cauliflower was his favorite food. Here is what works for my family.

Involve them in the process

  • Have them pick out veggies in the grocery store. They love autonomy and control.

  • Start a veggie garden at home. My kids snack off our cherry tomato bushes. If you don't have a yard, visit a local farm.

  • Make them your sous chefs. My kids love taking kale off stalks, using the salad spinner, or breaking apart broccoli.

Time it right

  • Serve veggies before the main meal when they are hungry. Have a plate out while you finish cooking the entree.

  • Don't limit vegetables for dinner. I include a bunch in the kids 'snack box' which we leave out for the kids to eat throughout the day.

Make it fun

  • Make veggie skewers. My kids will eat anything on a stick.

  • Be creative with the presentation: Make faces, animals or broccoli forests. Inspiration here.

  • Inspire them. I showed my kids pictures of people turning orange from eating too many carrots. They became obsessed.

Also, of course, there is always butter, lots and lots of butter.

On a side note: I originally wrote this email self-depreciating myself before bragging out my kid's veggie eating. I then took my own advice, deleted the line and owned my awesome. Own yours today, too.

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Healthy eating should become a part of your family's lifestyle.


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