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What Are Your Rules?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I'll be honest. I've been struggling with my nutrition. I can list off the excuses (back pain, gut issues, stress), but in reality, I have just let things slip. I'm a Questioner, so external accountability doesn't help me. I need to internalize to make certain habits stick. So for all you questioners out there, here's a tip: Write your own rules. Below are mine for nutrition:

  • No eating and drinking alcohol at the same time. Stretch things out by decoupling these.

  • No eating out two meals in a row.

  • If I have a heavy dinner (e.g., steak or pork), eat a lighter lunch (e.g., fish)

  • Occasional treats are OK but make them worth it (and occasional)

  • Be prepared. Think through the day ahead of time. Bring snacks or something to eat when choices will be limited.

  • Meal prep lots of veggies and easy proteins for the week ahead.

  • Eat foods that make me feel good.

  • A treat a day is good for me mentally. Plan for something small.

  • Alcohol counts as a treat.

  • Limit trigger foods in the house.

This list doesn't feel restrictive because I came up with it and understand the 'whys' behind each point. I feel inspired and empowered.

I'm going to do the same around my bedtime routine and work-life boundaries.

What in your life can you create your own rules for?


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