Create An Unwind Mantra

I am a doer, so when I get a break, I can find it hard to actually chill out. My mind races a mile a minute: add to the to-do list, answer that email in my head, or replay that conversation I messed up. Please stop. Enter mantras. They are scientifically proven to quiet the system responsible for your “default mode network", a system responsible for self-reflection and self-judgment,” according to Psychology Today. Try one that not only quiets your mind but gives you a bit

How to Support Someone Struggling

You guys know me—I’m pretty positive. However, positivity isn’t always best, especially when someone is in pain. A “You’ve got this!” when someone is truly hurting can make you seem unemphatic and cause people to withdraw. Psychotherapist Whitney Goodman coined this attitude as “dismissive positivity.” If you are trying to help someone struggling, here are some small tweaks she recommends: Think happy thoughts. → It’s probably pretty hard to be positive right now. I’m putti

Start a Daydreaming Practice

When was the last time you let yourself dream about your future? You know, the dreaming you did in Math class in High School, or as a first time pregnant mom. I love Sheri Salata's suggestion of starting a Daydreaming practice by setting aside 10-minutes a day to just let your mind go. For me, I want to move to Europe for a couple of years when the kids are in middle school. To create a movement where the world sees how badass working moms are. And, to take Chloe on a s

Retune Your Inner Voice

I  recently went to one of Jessica Coleman's Magic of Human Connection workshops. It was, well, magical. For an hour, we just celebrated the human connection with enthusiasm. My favorite part? Retuning my inner voice. So often, our internal dialogue is negative. We say things to ourselves that we'd never say to someone else. So for two minutes, you sat between two people who whispered positive thoughts into your ears: You are smart and can do anything you put your mind to

What if Stress is Good for You?

I’m obsessed with Kelly McGonigal’s TED Talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend. She sites an incredible study. It turns out being extremely stressed increases your risk of death by 43%. No shock there. But, what is fascinating is that people who were extremely stressed, but viewed stress as a positive, not only were not more likely to die, they had the lowest death rates of anyone in the study, including those with little stress. Stress isn’t killing us. The belief that str

Say Something Nice

I love Gretchen Rubin's recent suggestion to practice reverse gossiping, saying something complimentary about someone behind their back. The practice increases positivity in the world. The phenomenon of Trait Transfer means that people associate you with the traits that you talk about. So, if you say other people are smart and creative, they believe you are, too. Your thoughts affect your perception of the world. When you notice the positive, you start feeling more positive a