How to gain perspective

When you stuck in a decision, get yourself out of the weeds of your day to day with two simple questions:  What would my 20-year-older self want me to have done? What would my 2-year-older self want me to have done? Give a gift to future you. #perspective #selfawareness #decisions

What are your bright spots?

So often when getting feedback, we look for our ‘blind spots’—what am I bad at that I don’t realize? But just as important (if not more) is looking for our ‘bright spots’—what am I good at that I don’t realize? Knowing that full picture helps you lean into what’s going to set you apart. Don’t know? Ask. Ask your partner, your boss, an employee, and your best friend. Trust me, it’ll be fun. #selfawareness #career #selftalk

Get it done. Do it right.

Recently I heard Joe Payne, the CEO of Code42, speak about a simple framework for evaluating performance: Get it done. Do it right. Getting it done is the what. Are they doing their job? Meeting their sales quotas? Getting products launched? Doing it right is the how. Are they great to work with? Do they add versus subtract to the team culture? You map out in your reviews where each team member falls on this map and take action. To be a top performer, you need both. So today,

Stop Being So Helpful

Research shows that "workers who spend more time on non-promotable tasks are held back from demonstrating their full potential.” Unfortunately, those non-promotable tasks are far more likely to fall on women. Please stop. Stop being the note taker (including on the whiteboard), so you can focus on making the points, not capturing others. Stop being the assigner of all follow-ups and just focus on acing what you are assigned to follow-up on. Stop doing the office housework

I'm Stuck with My Feelings

Week 2 of my 30-day digital detox is done. I've been far from perfect, slipping into a few old habits when I was sick earlier this week. But, I'm proud of cutting out 95% of my digital distractions. I've been shocked at how much more I'm forced to sit with my feelings. I use blogs, Instagram, and podcasts to not feel. A negative emotion comes up (whether that's stress, boredom, embarrassment, or sadness), and I want. On. My. Phone. In the absence of these digital distr

One Line a Day

At Uplift, we think a lot about how to show progress. I'm always asking—what's our before and after picture (like you'd have in a weight loss program)? My favorite tool so far is a simple analog book—the one line a day journal.  There are 365 pages (one for each day of the year) and five lines on each.  Each day, you write one sentence. The magic comes on year two when you can see where you were a year ago. By year five, you can reflect on half a decade. So often we are alway

Are You Really Driving?

My kids love the shopping carts that are part toy-car. They turn that steering wheel when I go round a corner and tell me how much fun it is to drive. It's a great analogy for life. I'm all about being intentional, but often we stress out over our 'driving' when in reality circumstances outside our control are doing the real steering. So today, sit back and enjoy the ride. #intentionality #selfawareness

Which Brings out the Best in You?

--Ok, so you're facing a tough decision—both options seem equally fraught and excellent. You've exhausted the pros and cons lists and your confidant's ears. You are stuck. Try this question—which outcome brings out the best in you? Which is going to make you thrive? So often, our pros and cons list is what society thinks versus what is right for ourselves. So, today, bet on being the best version of yourself because, it's pretty awesome. #selfawareness #risktaking

How to Get the Most Out of Your Support Network

I had a rough day on Monday. Nothing particularly wrong happened, but all my insecurities were in full force. I went to a friend for help, but it didn't. She offered advice on what I could be doing better—this made my gremlins shout louder. The next morning, I heard a great tip from Adam Grant—Tell people what role you want them to play. Are you looking for a stamp of approval? To see their thought process? Have your opinions challenged? Just get a hug? We can't expect

Take a Before Picture

Today's tip is simple. When you set out on a new goal, take a before picture. Yes, for some tasks this is easy. You can photo your messy closet pre-konmari. Or, take body photos pre-diet. But, get creative. Could you journal about how you felt mentally before kicking off a meditation habit? Or do some type of assessment before taking a course to show how much you learn? It's so easy to focus on all of the things that you still need to do that often we forget to celebrate

Talk to Yourself

I've recently started a new habit that could certify me as crazy. Instead of listening to the radio or a podcast on my commute to work, I talk. To myself. My brain is overloaded with over-consumption of info. Emails. Podcasts. Calls. Audiobooks. Articles. Reports. It's just too much. I need some time to think and process. I want to start getting more things out of my head than in. So, I've turned dead-time into some of my most valuable of the day. I spend those 20-minu

Don't Follow Your Passion

Recently Adam Grant had a great podcast on the dangers of following your passion at work. What do you do if you don't know what your passion is? Even if you do, following your passion can lead to tunnel vision, causing you to miss out on other opportunities. Even worse, following your passions removes you from the growth mindset. We are rarely passionate about areas we don't excel at, and it takes practice to improve. His suggestion? Follow your curiosity. What areas d

Are You an Integrator or an Isolator

What struck me most when I interviewed over 125 working moms at the top of their field was that there was no one way to 'mom.' Each had found their way. A crucial distinction I witnessed was around how they handled the divide between work and life. Some flourished when the lines were fuzzy. One mom taught her university classes with her baby strapped on her. Another took her 1-year old on all her business trips. Personally, I work best with solid lines. That's why I'm

How I Shut Myself Up

One of my worst habits is interrupting. I get so excited that I want to jump in at the expense of thoroughly soaking in the opinions of others. I stumbled across the next tip by accident. My phone went on mute during a conversation with a friend adviser. I kept wondering why he wasn't stopping talking when I would start. Then saw my phone. The conversation ended up being more in-depth and impactful because I was silent (even if by accident). So now, in meaningful calls,

Make a Daily Date with Yourself

Most mornings I try to meditate. Yes, it's good to clear my mind, but the most significant benefit for me is just taking the few minutes to check-in on how I'm doing. Is my mind racing? Check. Do I feel panicked? Often. Chill? Rare. This daily check-in then helps me adjust my day. Do I need to be a little bit kinder to myself? Do a mini digital detox? Do something to clear my head like journal for 5-minutes? So tomorrow, before you jump out of bed take 1 minute, close

What Would You Do for Free?

Lately, I've been having lots of conversations with near-40-year-old friends not knowing what they wanted to be when they grow up. In some ways, the older you get, the harder that question is, as golden handcuffs or the fear of starting over strike. One powerful question I always ask is 'What work would you do for free?' Usually, this gets at both what they are good at (because it's easier to do something for free when it comes easily) and where their passions lie. Wha

Here's My Bad Idea

The Skimm podcast with Alexa von Tobel, the founder of Learnvest is a must-listen. She literally sold her company the same week she gave birth. Talk about a tough mama! My favorite tip was on how to frame ideas to your team: "Here's my bad idea. Make it better." This puts out an idea but also defers to your team to put their own mark and work their superpowers. Humility and empowerment wrapped in one. With these emails, let's take that approach. here's my bad idea. Make

A Different Type of New Year's Party

Happy New Years! I'm a huge fan of early January being a great time to reflect on the past year and goal setting for the new one. Today's suggestion is to hold a completely different type of new year's party in the coming weeks that helps you do just that. Invite over some friends to reflect on the past year. You can go through some of the activities that I'm sending out this week in parallel, reporting back to each other at key moments, or you could make it more socia

How are You Different Now?

I love the New Year. It gives me an excuse to reflect on my life. And, I love the optimism of a clean slate for the year to come. Today, carve out 20-minutes to ask yourself three questions: What were your biggest wins? Bust out that ta-da list. Trust me, you deserve this pat on the back. What did 2018 teach you? Write these down How are you different than the person you were a year ago? Dig deep. Are you the person you want to be? This week, I'll offer up some advice on ho

What Three Things Can You Do Right Now

It's that time of year where many of us start creating goals and resolutions for the new year. Today is a small addition to your process to make these more powerful: List three actions you can take for each. Who here is thinking about their goals for 2019? One of my favorite part of the end of the year is the optimism about the next. Here is a quick tweak to my goal planning I've made this year that is already making an impact: List 3 actions you can take right now to mo