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168 Hours

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Each week you have 168 hours to make the most of. Are you on auto-pilot or are you living those 168 intentionally? 

My process for feeling happy about my week is simple but effective. Every Monday morning, I spend 20 minutes reflecting on my week:

  • Social: Am I hanging with enough friends to feel fulfilled?

  • Family: Do I have anything memorable planned for the kids.This could be as simple as making milkshakes at night. If I know I'll be working a ton, when can I grab extra kiddo time? 

  • Relationship: What 1:1 time do Joe and I have? 

  • Health: What are my goals for the week? What challenges might I face? What am I doing for myself? 

  • Work: What are the top 3 things I need to get done? What do I need to take off my plate?

If any area feels off, I change it. I text friends to make plans, book a date night or plan some family time. This little bit of intention prevents me from neglecting any one part of my life and helps me feel grounded going into whatever nuttiness the week brings.

What are your buckets? How full are they? 


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