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18 for 2018 Check-in

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

At the start of the year, I decided to forgo new years resolutions for Gretchen Rubin's 18 in 2018 challenge.  My answer to the question: "What could I do in 2018 that would make me happier?"

As we near the summer, I wanted to do a quick reflection on my progress:

  • This process was much harder than anticipated. Many items required multiple steps that took hours each.

  • I'd estimate that over half of these would not have happened had I not made this list. 

  • I've struggled most with the ones that require something to be done monthly versus one-off. 

  • Next time I'd suggest sandbagging with a few 'quick wins' to gain momentum.

  • I'm totally doing this again next year. 

Did you miss this? You can also do one starting on your birthday or even a 10 Things to Do This Summer List. Get creative! 

To hold myself accountable, here is a quick check-in on my progress:

  1. Go for a weekend away with Joe without the kids- DONE and another wedding weekend scheduled in December! 

  2. Build an inspiration board above my desk - DONE

  3. Do an elimination diet to retest my reactions with foods- Mostly DONE

  4. Visit my great aunt in England with the kids - Booked!

  5. Get our backyard fixed up for entertaining - In progress 

  6. Cook the Nomad's chicken recipe - Not even on my radar

  7. Celebrate half birthdays for the kids - Done for Rowan, one of my favorite memories of the year

  8. Launch my business! - In progress 

  9. Switch from weekly to monthly check-ins with my nutrition coach - Have a long way to go here 

  10. Finish my garage home gym - DONE

  11. Get a minor health issue fixed - Not nearly as much progress as hoped

  12. Find a music festival to go with Joe - Booked!

  13. Start a Mastermind with other female entrepreneurs- Almost formed!

  14. Work from our shore house for a week over the summer - Scheduled

  15. Go on a solo adventure with each kid once a month- About 50% there. Need to make up for it now that the weather is warm. 

  16. Start hosting epic dinner parties - Found a co-host!

  17. Read more magazines for fun - Started but need to recommit

  18. Plan a weekend away with my sister (hopefully more than one!) - Ball is in her court


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