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A Lightweight Way to Keep in Touch

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

My team is distributed across the globe—in the Philippines, Dubai, Spain, and multiple US time zones. The past few weeks I've been focusing on how to make us feel like a 'team' even though none of sit together.

We've started a simple task that has made us all more connected. When we log-in for the day, we each share three words that define that day. Mine today:

  • Coaches: I'm holding a focus group to learn more about how we can make them more effective and their lives easier.

  • Celebrate: My husband and I are going out to dinner to celebrate a new sale.

  • Pitch: I have a mock investment pitch for the incubator I'm in (Halcyon) on Monday.

These could be work or life-related. It's up to you. It takes 30 seconds, yet I feel connected. I kinda want to steal this practice to other parts of my life. I'd love to hear the three words of my closest friend groups every morning.

What are yours today?


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