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Are You Willing to do the Work?

Recently, I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’ve gained 15 pounds since I became a founder. I am so proud of my fitness and feel like part of my identity has been taken away.

Then I read this article about what actions it takes to be lean at different levels. Was I willing to do the habits necessary to get the goal I wanted? At this point in my life, no. I want more than two drinks a week and don’t want to weigh all my food. 

As hard as this is for me mentally, I realized even though I wanted that goal, I wanted other things more, like making this company successful. I have a new identity as a founder.

Do you have any big goals in your life that are weighing over you because your commitment to them doesn’t match? 

It is OK.

You are enough. 

Take a deep breath and start to let them go. Trust me; it will free you up to do the things that matter to you.  

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