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Control What You Can Control

As a mom of young kids, the amount of sleep I get is somewhat out of my control. Once they outgrew the infant not-sleeping-through-the-night phase, the nightmares started. I hear that once they outgrow that, you wake worried that they are sneaking out of the house as teenagers.

What we can control, though, is our sleep quality. We can make sure that we are setting ourselves up for the best sleep whenever we do get it. A few basic rules can help:

  • Limit things that disrupt sleep, such as alcohol or caffeine.

  • Tame your electronics: Use apps to turn off blue screens on your phone and computer. Better yet, disconnect from your phone completely.

  • Create an ideal sleep environment: get blackout curtains, use a sound machine and keep your room cool (68 degrees is recommended)

  • Create a bedtime routine (yes, we need these, too!) to train yourself to wind down and go to bed. Common items are journalling, taking a shower, using lavender oil and reading.

No need to start all at once. Just pick one small change you can make this week and add on later. Your morning self will thank you.


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