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Have a Deload Week

I powerlift, and a key best practice is to have a ‘deload week’ every 6 weeks or so. On that week, you cut your weight and reps by 40% or so to give your body time to recover. I always try to add in some yoga and maybe a massage as well. I was starting out a deload week on my training when I realized, why don’t I deload the rest of my life? Why don’t I have a week where I don’t sign back on at night post-kids bedtime and don’t try to pack my schedule (both personal and work)

Spend Two-Hours Outside

Spending time in nature is now considered medicine. Seriously. Doctors have started prescribing time outdoors to improve health, and South Korea has even created healing forests. The good news is that you don’t need a ton of time to reap the benefits. A new study shows that 120 minutes a week (around 17 minutes a day) is all you need to feel healthier with greater well-being. Less didn’t have the same effect, but more didn’t add any extra benefits either. So, take your kid

Healthy Travel Part 2

Yesterday, I gave tips on how to eat healthy on vacation. Today are ones on acting healthy. Be active Walk. A lot. Walk whenever you can. That way, you get in movement while discovering the city. Track (to make it game-like) and try to get in 50% more than you would at home. Try some efficient workouts. Here is a list of workouts requiring no equipment, most of which can be done in 15-minutes or less. want to make them even harder, try wearing these bands. (They

Workout-Life Integration

When we moved to D.C., we built a home gym in our basement. It’s been life-changing. Not only does it mean that I can save at least 30-minutes driving to and from the gym, but it also means that my kids join me for many of my workouts. In between sets, we chat and laugh, and nothing makes me smile more than seeing little Rowan take a PVC pipe and try to do overhead squats. They will join me in my interval training, dancing in the workout intervals while I do burpees. W

Expand Your Definition of Progress

So often, I’ve only looked at progress in my nutrition as the results—the number on the scale or changing body composition. But this week, I redefined my definition of progress. It can also be around improving my process. Every time I make a better health decision or start ingraining a healthier habit is progress, regardless of the results. Ate veggies at every meal. Progress Not eating all things when I am stressed. Progress Fitting in meditation every day of a trip for

Control What You Can Control

As a mom of young kids, the amount of sleep I get is somewhat out of my control. Once they outgrew the infant not-sleeping-through-the-night phase, the nightmares started. I hear that once they outgrow that, you wake worried that they are sneaking out of the house as teenagers. What we can control, though, is our sleep quality. We can make sure that we are setting ourselves up for the best sleep whenever we do get it. A few basic rules can help: Limit things that disru

Are You in Danger?

I've realized that stress is what is holding me back most in life. The pressure prevents me from sleeping, which affects my productivity, willpower, and health. Being worked up also stops me from thinking clearly and causes me to snap at my kids. So what's a mom to do? Pause. I've been trying to take a few seconds when I feel myself getting worked up to assess the situation. Am I in danger? Is my biological fight or flight reaction necessary? 95% of the time, the answe

Take Baby steps

One of the most significant shifts, when I moved from NYC to DC, was my decrease in walking. Driving all the time has cut my steps in half. Each week, I'm trying to add one daily activity to increase my steps: Week 1: Park a block further away. Week 2: Two blocks. Week 3: Start walking when I brushed my teeth. Week 4: Take one of my meetings each day while walking. Week 5: Walk around my living room while watching TV if my steps are low. (Hey, it's cold out there.) I've go

Find a Friend

Today we are joined on our Instagram stories by Leah Wiseman Fink, the Founder of Classes At, which offers local parenting classes in NYC. She also wanted to share this tip for you lovely ladies. I have a very love / hate relationship with exercise. I hate doing it, but I really love how I feel after. Besides that it's so good for my body, it's also a major part of keeping my mental health in check, especially in the winter months. (Hello, daylight savings!) I have been a

Stop Trying Harder

I love this quote from Adam Robinson from the Tim Ferris podcast: “If you’re not getting the results you want, change what you’re doing.” It sounds obvious, but so often we double-down on what we already are doing and just try harder. Adam suggests if something isn't working, to instead try the opposite. My back has been bothering me for a year. I went to months of chiropractor appointments, changed up my workouts, and stretched daily. My back still hurt. Then I had an epipha

How to Lose Weight without Sacrificing

Today, we are going to focus on you. First off, you are beautiful and have a great butt. Give yourself a little wink next time you pass a mirror. Let's face it, as we get older, maintaining a healthy weight gets harder than when we were 20. When I look at how I lost 45 pounds after Rowan, it was the small changes that added up. Did you know cutting 100 calories a day leads to 10 pounds in a year? Here are five tiny habit shifts to do this without impacting your lifestyle: Hal

3-ingredient ice cream

I frankly don't know how to parent without the threat of 'no dessert.' So, in the quest to clean up our family's diet, I knew I needed healthy ones. Here are some of my faves: Siggi Yogurt Tubes. Low sugar, high protein. The kids treat them like ice cream pops. Frozen fruit: Blueberries, cherries, and watermelon are our faves. I just put any fruit in the freezer that is about to spoil. Watermelon Pizza: Just cut your melon in a 1-inch round, top with greek yogurt as the "sauc

Just Make It Work

This morning I wrote a week's worth of tips for these newsletters on healthy eating for your kids. So many moms struggle with this, so I wanted to share my favorite healthy on-the-go snacks and strategies for getting my kids to request kale. Of course, the universe has a sense of humor. My kids' dinner tonight? Butter sandwiches. Yep, butter on bread. I couldn't even get them to eat corn or hotdogs. Look forward to some great healthy tips this week, but also remember that we

That Time of the Month

Holy shit. I just got my period. For most of you, that’s NBD. However, I haven’t had one in almost four years. Mine never came back after Rowan was born, even after breastfeeding ended. When the Wall Street Journal piece about my health came out, I felt like a fraud. Regular periods are one of the two significant signals that our body is working correctly. (The other is my kid's favorite topic of conversation -- poop.) What was stressing my body so much that it didn’t feel sa

The Magic of Un-pairing

After I had Rowan, I lost 45 pounds, down 25 from pre-pregnancy, by adopting dozens of little rules in my life that led to good habits. One of the simplest is no drinking alcohol while eating. I could have a drink before or after dinner, but this prevented me from mindlessly downing glasses of wine while dining. This tiny step reduced my alcohol intake significantly and made the before and after dinner drinks more special and satisfying. Are there actions that you can unpair

Calm Body, Calm Mind

Our body and mind feed off each other. When I’m stressed, cortisol skyrockets, making my chest, neck and back tense up. It’s my body’s way of protecting me -- preparing me to fight or run. But, I’m in no inherent danger. The cortisol just makes me more anxious. I use that energy to ruminate on my worries. Sound familiar? Let’s break this cycle. I’ve recently fallen in love with Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR for short). Starting at the top of your head, you tense up muscl

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