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Create a Post-Work Transition Ritual

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

As someone who works from home, it's easy for work to bleed over into family time. To help me set boundaries, I rely on a daily post-work transition ritual: Put my coffee maker away, clean off my desk, and write down my three priorities for tomorrow. If I'm feeling ultra-ambitious, I even sneak in a few minutes of meditation.

These help me close the chapter on my workday, so I can be more present at home. Here are some ideas to steal from if you want to craft yours.

  • Create your ta-da list for the day

  • Clean your desk

  • Set your priorities for the next day

  • Write all your concerns for the day and close the notebook

  • Change into relaxing clothes when you get home

  • Listen to a favorite podcast on your commute

  • Do 1-minute of deep breathing

  • Put away your phone in a drawer

  • Turn off email notifications

  • Hide your work bag and computer when you get home

  • Get off the train a stop early to let you walk and decompress

Today, let's start with one. What is one thing you can do to help mark the end of your workday?

Share your favorite post-work rituals! I'd love to keep building this list!

Set non-negotiable boundaries between work and family responsibilities.


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