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Do a braindump

My mind has been swirling over the past few weeks. So many emotions. So many thoughts.

The thing that has helped the most is a daily braindump. I just get out my journal and write. First, I started without prompts, just trying to get the swirl out there. Now, I’ve started doing some simple prompts:

  • What am I scared of?

  • What do I regret?

  • What do I know to be true?

  • How do I need to change?

So today, plop your kid in front of a few more minutes of screentime and write. Give yourself a goal — a full page or 10-minutes — and stream-of-consciousness write whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about punctuation or legibility. This passage isn’t going to get passed down to your grandchildren.

The process of writing is the goal, not the end product. You need to start processing. We all do.


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