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Do Something Extra

In trying to focus on what matters, I've pruned my life. The majority of my time is focused on my business, the kids, and health. I don't have time for other things; at least I thought so. 

This week, though, I did two things that fell outside that trio. First, I was listening to Priya Parker's the Art of Gathering, a book on how to make meaningful gatherings when an invite to a Masterclass by her appeared in my inbox. Sign me up.

Second, I kicked off planning a gathering of my own -- a dinner in collaboration with a few kick-ass women I know. 

Both of these felt so good, nourishing my soul and reminding me of what I loved pre-kids. I feel energized and more excited about all aspects of my life. 

So today, stop pruning and add. What is one thing you loved doing when you had more time? Try to fit it in. If you can't, what is one thing you can cut to make it happen?  #fun #livelife


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