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Have the Hard Discussion

My newfound travel schedule is stressful for my family. My kids seem OK. I am making a point of being fully there when I am with them. I’m more worried about the stress it puts on Joe, my husband, who has to solo-parent while I’m gone.

I’ve felt his stress. I knew we needed to talk about it, but have been putting it off, nervous. The thought of the conversation kept weighing on me.

Until I had it, guess what? It went great. I mapped out how I could help make it work—getting more help, compressing the trips, and working hard while I was gone to mean I can be more around when I am in town.

We all have these conversations that we keep putting off. My advice is to have it. Trust me; you will feel so much better. 

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a tip on how to prepare for them. Stay tuned. #parenting #relationship


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