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Help, my partner travels all the time!

Today’s question comes from one of our readers:

My husband travels the entire work-week. How do I keep my sanity?

I want to give you a big, virtual hug. Being a working mom solo is TOUGH. Here are a few tips to help

  • Get help. Book a regular sitter for once a week to give you some downtime. Use that time to go to yoga, dinner with friends, or even catching a movie solo. A mother’s helper can also be a great (and cost-effective) way to help with the daily prep work.

  • Reduce expectations. It’s Ok if your house is a mess, or you make simple dinners like rotisserie chicken and frozen veggies. Letting go is hard, but the most essential on this list.

  • Enlist weekend help. How can your partner help on the weekend to make the weekdays easier? Could you buy multiple lunch containers and have him pre-prep lunches or bottles for the week?

  • Delegate non-local items. Are there things that you don’t need to be in-person for that they can help with, such as researching classes or booking doctor appointments? Try to get anything that doesn’t require you to be in person off your plate.

  • Claim a weekend morning. Pick one morning each weekend, that is your ‘alone time’ where your partner is in charge of the kids. Sleep in or enjoy a coffee in peace.

  • Find others in the same boat. Find another parent who is also solo parenting to partner with: cook meals together, help watch each other’s kids in a pinch and keep each other company.

What tips do you have for this mom? Also, what burning questions do you have for this community? Just reply to this email to send in yours.

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