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How Do I Make Mornings Easier?

This week’s reader question is one most of us have struggled with before: Getting our the door is the most stressful part of my day. How can I make this easier? My first suggestion is to do an audit of your morning. What are the most stressful parts? Have you ever had easier AMs? What was true about those days? Here are some tips: Block off your first work hour to have no meetings. That way if you are late, it’s not as big of a deal. If you are early, more deep work time. Score! 

  • Use timers to keep you on track. Time to brush teeth. Time to put shoes on. Etc. 

  • Train your kids to be independent. Yes, this takes investment, but pays in spades later.  Kids as young as two can dress themselves with some help. 

  • Prep the night before. Make lunches, prep bottles, back bags to have less to do come morn. 

  • Shift your goal. Make your goal to be to not stress versus being perfectly on-time. The world (and your reputation) will not crumble if you are 10-minutes late.

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