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How Not to Freak Out Over the Next Month

Jeez, it’s December. When did that happen? It’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness of the holidays. Before we fully hop into Cyber Monday, let’s spend 5-minutes listing three things that will make the next month a success.

For me, it’s:

  • Hosting an awesome kiddo New Years party that I enjoy versus stress about

  • Reflecting on the past year with my family by writing our family letter and picking our top 10 photos from the year

  • Cherishing our small traditions with my kids, such as enjoying decorating the tree together and making a Nutella tree.

Everything else is not a must-have for me. Immediately I feel less stressed. Buying the perfect gifts? Not on the list. Having extensive decorations? Not on the list. Going to every holiday party? Not on the list.

Take a deep breath and remind yourself what matters.

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