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How to lead your kids through difficult times

In my research around talking about racism with your kids, I discovered a very thoughtful podcast from Cindy Wang Brandt around parenting during COVID-19. Honestly it applies to parenting through any hard times.   Here are some of her tips that resonated with me:

  • Be transparent information. In the absence of actual stories, kids will make them up. Information provides power for kids by helping them feel secure that parents won’t withhold the truth from them.

  • Let your kids teach you. So often, we feel like we need to be the provider of all answers. But, our kids can teach and provide for us. They can provide love, hope and new perspectives.

  • Listen. Ask more questions than answers. Find out what they are worried about and where they need support. 

  • Raise storytellers. Help your kids capture this moment as part of the story of their lives.

Instead of focusing on the negativity in the world, think about the opportunity to shape your children to help make the world a better place for the future. It’s during times like these that we have the power to make the most impact as parents.


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